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SOSEN Introduces New S Series

Published in: 2017-08-09 article from: this station

SOSEN Electronics introduces new 347/480Vac round LED Drivers

SOSEN Electronics has introduced new S series with 96W(Class 2), 150W and 240W in rounds with 180-528Vac input for industrial highbays and midbays.

Key features summary as below:

  • 96W(Class 2), 150W, 240W
  • 180-528Vac
  • UL/CUL
  • Efficiency up to 93%
  • Optional 3-1 dimming (0-10V, PWM, Timer)
  • Dim-off
  • SCP, OTP and OVP
  • IP67/65; suitable for Dry, Damp and Wet Locations
  • UL Type HL, suitable for Class I, Division 2 locations

SOSEN's new drivers feature the same high performance and they come with 5-year warranty. All high-performance LED Drivers from SOSEN offer high quality, high efficiency, long

life and are cost-competitive.



Get more details on SOSEN’s website and availability of the S series begin Sept. 2017.

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