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SOSEN’s new 347/480Vac round LED Driver ...

文章摘要:SOSEN’s new 347/480Vac round LED Driver ...,指天射鱼自相水火小少爷,动荡不定社评咒语。

Published in: 2017-08-15 article from: this station

SOSEN’s new 347/480Vac round LED Driver will make the highbays more unique

      North America market has always been the most important market in lighting industry around the world and attracts lighting global manufactures due to the feature of strong purchasing capacity, huge market potential, high added value and good business loyalty to vendors.

      It was widely called 2016 as the “UFO highbay year” in Chinese domestic lighting industry due to the incredible high growth rate of UFO highbay markets. And according to authoritative survey result - the applications of UFO highbay are several times more than street lighting around the world, which indicates tremendous opportunities for lighting manufactures.

      SOSEN’s new S Series round UFO LED Driver are designed for highbays and midbays for 277/347/480Vac input applications across North America. And we had sufficient discussion with lighting designers and product managers globally at the very beginning of design and we believe that those round UFO LED Drivers will have more and more recognition from lighting manufactures.

      S Series followed round form factor as the previous round C&D Series, which already got a lot of good market feedback from lighting manufactures due to their good-looking design, high matching level with luminaries, easy installation, compact structure and low cost for shipping.

      SOSEN’s new S Series is the only one which has integral design among high voltage input driver products in the market. Let’s find out what’s the good features that S series contained.

1. S series include following power levels: 96W, 150W and 240W and 96W complies with UL Class2 output which could save cost on design, produce and maintain for lighting manufactures.

2. Besides for the regular protections such as OVP, OCP, SCP, OTP, S series also has Under-voltage Protection – when line voltage less than 180Vac, the driver will go to protection to avoid potential damage by unexpected power grid fluctuations or misuse.

3. S Series has high PF with active PFC design and they are flicker free, which could be used for special lighting applications. The efficiency are >90% to ensure the high efficiency of the luminaries.

4. S series are output current adjustable on-site to make sure the fixtures’ input wattage are constant with IP65.

5. S Series enclosure has different color available(white, black, silver, etc), to make your light more charming!

SOSEN LED Driver will always offer customer high quality product and service continuously, and create value for customers.

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