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SOSEN Electronics introduces new All-in-ONE...

文章摘要:SOSEN Electronics introduces new All,喝倒彩胡越之祸玛雅人,哗然神圣工巧说事儿。

Published in: 2017-08-24 article from: this station

SOSEN Electronics introduces new All-in-ONE E Series LED Drivers

SOSEN Electronics has introduced new E series with 75W (Class 2), 96W (Class 2), 150W and 200W in rugged aluminum case with 90-305Vac input for roadway lighting, area lighting, tunnel lights and high mast.

E series are All-in-One design with 1 model complies UL, TUV, CCC, SAA, BIS and CE.

Key features:

ü 75W(Class 2), 96W(Class 2), 150W, 200W

ü 90-305Vac

ü All-in-One: UL, TUV, CCC, SAA, BIS, CB, CE

ü Optional 3-1 dimming (0-10V, PWM, Timer)

ü Dim-off

ü IP67; suitable for Dry, Damp and Wet Locations

ü 5-year warranty

SOSEN's new E Series drivers are designed to comply with both UL and other international standards, such as TUV, CCC, SAA, BIS and CE, in which could save lighting manufacturers’ BOM cost, relieve the supply chain management and save LED drivers’ budget by combining quantity together. All high-performance LED Drivers from SOSEN offer high quality, high efficiency, long life and competitive cost.

Get more details on SOSEN’s website and availability of the E series begin Oct. 2017.


SOSEN Electronics

A3 Building, Gonghe Fourth Industrial Area, Shajing Street, Baoan District

Shenzhen, China 518104

Tel: +86 755 2935 8800




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