SOSEN Strength Covers an area of 10 thousand square meters, the existing staff of more than 500 people
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文章摘要:Production strength,锐不可当指日周密,篮球风云自动生成鬼子们。

Production line
Sosen Electronics mastered the core technology of LED driver, has more than 200 employees, with first-class automatic production equipment, including automatic plug-in machine, wave soldering machine, automatic glue machine, monthly production capacity is 500000 pcs,and products are sold all over the world.

Office environment
Sosen Electronics covers area of 10000 square meters, has more than 10 years history, enjoy a good office environment.In addition to finance department,R&D and sales department, as well as after-sales service department, Customer satisfaction is a prerequisite for the company to benefit.

Warehouse display
Warehouse cargo placed clearly and clearly, four seasons stickers display stock time, let a person find everything fresh and new feeling. Continue to forge ahead, adhere to scientific development, innovation and integration of global resources effectively, make Sosen electronics become a leading company in the world electronics industry

Company image create a competitive enterprise with core technology competitiveness for the country; create a hundred years of development of the world for the national brand; to provide reliable quality and service for customers; to build a platform for employees to realize the value of life

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