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文章摘要:Corporate cultrue,逛街飘过一道坎,保护器系统资源公司传真。

Enterprise culture is a kind of enterprise gradually formed in the development of identity for all employees and compliance, with the characteristics of the organization's mission, vision, purpose and spirit, values and business philosophy, and embodies the sum of these ideas in the external image of production practice, management system, employee behavior and enterprise. Song Sheng Electronics in the development process, to absorb the essence of Chinese excellent traditional culture and modern western management thoughts, and gradually formed a unique corporate culture, embodies the characteristics of modern society, the unity of knowledge, Chinese and Western, to create "positioning based on excellent traditional culture, the pursuit of excellence for the process, in order to maximize the value as the guide, to be a noble and valuable person". Song Sheng will create a respected business 100 years.

SOSEN's Vision: ten years after becoming like HUAWEI respected company.
SOSEN's Mission: good intentions of each power supply.
SOSEN's Purpose: Create benefits for customers, create opportunities for employees and create value for society.
Work style: seriously, Song Sheng, commitment.
SOSEN's product concept: technological innovation, energy saving and reliable.
SOSEN's quality policy: advanced technology, high efficiency and low energy consumption, continuous innovation, customer satisfaction.

Song Sheng believes in "integrity, responsibility, dedication, innovation, win-win" management philosophy, management experts invited to Peking University, the Zhejiang University, the company's development strategy, corporate governance of sorting out the system, create a specialized technical management team to develop the company's long-term development plan, and laid a solid foundation for stable development company.

Song Sheng to develop industry standards for the mission, to create Chinese own brand in the world as the goal, hard work, enterprising, has won the "Shenzhen high tech enterprise", "China ten network", "export quality suppliers" title. The company has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, the product passed the CE, UL, CCC, TUV certification, RoHS certification, through the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of technical supervision for the record.

Since the Song Sheng LED power for a good brand image, excellent quality products, rich product line and high performance price ratio by the global market is widely recognized and accepted, has been exported to overseas more than and 100 countries and regions, over 31 domestic provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Along the way, Song Sheng of the overseas market continues to expand, Song Sheng firmly perform "let the world shine" the sacred mission of the enterprise with practical action.

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