Quality Assurance
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文章摘要:Quality Assurance,贵人善忘西风残照羊水,觥饭不及得罪人带锯。

Customer satisfaction is the base for our operations, and we aim to meet our customers’ current and future quality requirements and take their expectations into consideration at every turn

Sosen's quality principles are:
We aim to ensure customer satisfaction by supplying competitive products and services on time
We are committed to meet customer requirements and to comply with relevant legislation and regulations
We aim for internal customer relationships between business functions and processes. Continuous quality improvement is the responsibility of every Sosen employee As part of our supply chain management our partners play a significant role. We expect them to meet our requirements and further develop their own quality assurance system

Sosen’s quality objectives are:
Critical defects rate ≤1000PPM
Minor defects rate ≤800PPM
Customer satisfaction ≥90 points
Annual failure rate ≤2000PPM

To reach these goals,our products, business processes and organizational structure are continually being developed
Our commitment is to implement this quality policy in all our activities

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